Did I Mention – SONY at the Imaging USA Convention in Atlanta

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From January 20 to January 22, SONY will be having several SONY Artisans of Imagery Photographers speaking at the Professional Photographers Convention in Atalanta this year.

Monday will start of with SONY Artisan of Imagery Matthew Jordan Smith class on 10 Secrets to Building a Successful Photographic Career. His class is scheduled to start at 5:00 PM Monday evening January 21, 2013

On Tuesday January 22, 2013, SONY Artisan of Imagery Brian Smith will be speaking about the Secrets of Great Portrait Photography. The Time for Brian’s Class is scheduled for 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

That evening, at about 5:15 PM SONY Artisan of Imagery David McLean will be teaching a class on the New Opportunities for Still Photographers Shooting Motion.

Besides three great SONY Artisans of Imagery Photographers, SONY will also have a Booth on the Trade Show Floor showing the latest in SONY newest SLT technology.

If you are a member of the Professional Photographers of America, or planning on attending the Imaging USA convention in Atlanta, take some time to visit the SONY booth and try out the newest and the most advanced professional photographic equipment to date, by SONY. You will find the SONY booth in the corner of the Trade Show Floor right next to the concessions.

For more information on the Imaging USA Convention follow this link: imagingusa.org

Please, This is not a Rumor Site.

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I have received emails asking me about when is SONY going to release the next full frame NEX. Well to those who have been asking, forget about it.

The important purpose of this site is the sharing of valuable information about Photographers, Equipment and Image capturing methods with the use of the SONY Alpha and Alpha NEX cameras.

Over the next year, I intend to pass some very important information that will be useful and helpful in your photographic profession.

Equipment use, Methods, Work around, and innovations.

News about events that involve SONY Artisans of Imagery and other professionals who use the SONY Alpha in their work.

This coming year is going to be an exciting year for SONY and a great year for SONY Alpha Pro.

More Good SONY Alpha Pro Information and News coming Your Way

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We sort of have been in hibernation while SONY reinvents their SLT Professional Camera.   A curious comment to make, but well qualified.   Since the release of the SONY Alpha a850, SONY has devoted their resources to developing and refining the SLT Camera.   Then SONY Releases the Alpha a77 SLT, a new camera with its 24 mega pixel APC sensor and new sleek body and the high def viewfinder.   SONY open the eyes to a few enthusiasts, and that was just only the start.   On the NEX Stage, SONY introduced the NEX 7 with the same sensor and viewfinder of the SONY Alpha a77.
Both cameras almost identical, but not.   Most, no all readers will tell me that the NEX 7 lacks the SLT mirror, thus making it a better camera.  Then there is the size issue.  The SONY Alpha a77 is a much larger camera compared to the NEX 7, but that is not the point of this article.

We have returned, and with the emergence the of the SONY Alpha a99, a new professional camera that SONY is poised to take on the other Full Frame Pro Cameras head to head.   Again many will say that I am bonkers and I personally have heard the comments.  But then ask your self this.  Why has it many more reputable professional photographers who have had long time allegiances with other Professional Brand cameras started to switch to the SONY Alpha a99.

Over then months to come, we will introduce many of the Professionals Photographers and show you how they are using these new cameras to take their profession to the next stage.

We also show you more than a camera capable of quality still photography but how to use the SONY Alpha and NEX cameras to produce stunning professional quality videos.

This is the start of an exciting new future for SONY Alpha Pro, so keep your eyes peeled on this site for more exciting news from SONY and the Professionals who use the SONY Alpha.



We are back and at WPPI

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Yes, we are back and will be covering the latest news about photographers and equipment that can help improve you as a photographer who is using he SONY Alpha I work or in play.

A Rap up of the the Events at WPPI 2011.

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This year, SONY had a very respectable display and stage at the SONY Booth 421. Many of the SONY Artisans of Imagery included Nigel Barker, Brian Smith, Mathew Jordan Smith, David McLane, and MeRa Koh provided demos and talked about their individual technique and style of photography on a live stage at the SONY Booth.

Then who can forget that wonderful Las Vegas Burlesque dancer Miss Redd, who modeled for both Brian and Mathew during the week.

Also I need to give a special thanks to a special SONY person who works tirelessly in arranging these wonderful classes for the WPPI audience.    This special Person that I am talking about is Ms. Kayla Lindquist.

During the 4 days of this Professional Trade, four of the SONY Artisans of Imagery provided a 2 hour long classes on their specific area of expertise in the professional photographic community.   Two of the most well attend classes were those classes put on by Brian Smith and MeRa Koh.

The class attendees were enthusiastic and provided positive energy to the speakers.   In fact the Wednesday Morning class put on my MeRa Koh ended with a standing ovation.    There is no doubt, this years SONY Artisans of Imagery were a major hit at this years WPPI convention.


SONY’s Artsan of Imagery David McLane talks about Fusion of Still and Video Photography

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SONY Artisan of Imagery David McLane showed the WPPI attendees a sampling of his most recent projects in both still and videos or as David puts it a fusion of still and video.  Talking to the small group, David talked in depth about his passion about shooting motion and the company he co-founded called MERGE, a boutique production company that combines timeless imagery and a fearless embrace of technology to create visual content for the web, broadcast, print and beyond.   Allot of the videos and images were from a recent project for a clothing chain call Horny Toad Active ware.

Image from Horny Toad Active Ware Web Site.

Allot of the video and images that David shot was with the use of a SONY Alpha NEX 5 and with stunning results.  David explained that the SONY NEX 5 was more than capable in shooting most of the video in this campaign.

David further explained that he sees the future of photography as a fusion of both video and stills and his company is positioned to take a lead in the new movement of imaging format.

To see more examples of this new direction of photography and video go visit Davids other venture called Merge.

Sunday SONY Brings Fashion, Nigel Barker, and SONY Alpha to WPPI.

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Sunday night was a night with SONY Artisans of Imagery Nigel Barker and a viewing of many of Nigel’s fashion campaigns. Beside his big push for the SONY Alpha a900, SONY’s current Flag Ship DSLR,  Nigel also show the crowded MGM Garden Arena images taken from SONY’s newest digital entries, the Alpha A55 SLT and the SONY Alpha Nex 5.

The evening started with some fine food and a chance to have your photograph featured on the two projector screens and music provided by Triple Scoop Music.   At about 8:00:PM the Nigel Barber show started but not without in minor technological glitch or two.

He praised the quality of the SONY Alpha a900 and the SONY Zeiss glass that he uses almost exclusively and the superb quality of the award winning SONY Alpha A55 SLT cameras. Then He setup the stage to become a studio for images that he took that would become entries into his new book campaign call RAW.

As I mention in the beginning of this short entry, I said SONY Artisans of Imagery Nigel Baker. I will have more on this new development later and will pass this on to the rest of my readers.



‘Secrets of Great Portrait Photography’ at WPPI in Las Vegas

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‘Secrets of Great Portrait Photography’ at WPPI in Las Vegas.

Events: Coverage of SONY Events at WPPI 2011.

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Oh my, have I put myself on a limb or what.   Time will tell and a lot will be happening the week that I attend this massive professional conference for professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers.    I will be providing my own view and take of events from Sunday to Thursday Morning.   I will be there to not only learn, but to enjoy myself during the course of the week.   This is an opportunity to meet and talk to many of the photographers that have influenced the direction of many of SONY Professional Cameras and get insight of the direction and course that SONY will be taking too bring professionals like me some of the finest tools for our trade.

I will also give some firsthand images from many of the SONY events as they happen during the course of the week.   So if you find yourself unable to attend, I hope to give you day by day coverage the and behind the back stage view of the week at WPPI 2011.

There will be a lot to cover, and because I will not have all of the press privileges that others will have, I can only give you a more of a attendee view of the weeks events.   We will see where this will take us.

So keep watching for more information of the WPPI 2011 and our coverage in the next few weeks.

Professional Training: Three SONY Artisans to appear at the 2011 WPPI Convention in Las Vegas

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With the PPofA conversion in San Antonio Texas now in the past, and SONY’s Artisan of Imagery Mathew Jordan Smith sharing with fellow professionals photographers on How to have more fun in photography,  it comes to no surprise that SONY would be represented by three, yes I said three SONY Artisans of Imagery Photographers at the 2011 WPPI Convention.

All three photographers will be talking about three different topics and sharing their special knowledge to a room full of professional photographers.

Merging Video and Still Photography

Monday, February 21, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Video)

Sony Artisan of Imagery David McLain will share ways for you to incorporate video into your still photography business. Participants will see real world examples of how David has been using video to grow his own business and expand his creativity. David recently co-founded Merge, a boutique company dedicated to telling brand stories through still photographs and moving images that unfold seamlessly across an array of media, from print to Web to television and back.

Secrets of Great Portrait Photography

Tuesday, February 22, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Portrait)

Celebrity portrait photographer and SONY Artisan of Imagery Brian Smith will share the lessons he’s learned over the past 30 years capturing the faces of the famous, infamous and unknown as a top magazine portrait photographer. Brian will discuss his approach to editorial and commercial assignments from concept to final images, and detailing his approach to lighting and problem solving on productions both small and large. He will also share secrets about how to quickly capture the personality of the people in your photographs. He will also discuss how personal projects can be used to generate editorial and commercial assignments, and allow your personal style to evolve and grow while generating assignments you love to shoot.

Creating Confidence—How to Succeed by Shooting From Your Authentic Heart

Wednesday, February 23, 8:00 am – 10:00 am (Motivational)

For the last four years, Me Ra Koh has led her CONFIDENCE Workshops for Women throughout the country. This year she brings to WPPI the heart behind the message thousands of women have connected to: How do we create sustainable confidence for our art, business and family? What are the tools and practices we need to stand strong when we feel the world pushing back? And, what can we expect when our dreams have been achieved? Me Ra is a visionary leader who has a passion for empowering women to create, work and dream with their authentic hearts. She is proud to be a Sony Artisan of Imaging as well as a regular contributor to Oprah’s latest endeavor—The Nate Berkus Show.

The WPPI Las Vegas Convention will be taking place at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino from  February 17-24, with the Trade Show scheduled for February 21-23, 2011.    SONY will also have a large display on the Trade Show Floor during the convention, so if plan on attending, please visit the fine professionals at the SONY display.

For more information about attending the WPPI Las Vegas 2011 Convention then follow this link: http://www.wppionline.com/storage/2011/home.html

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