Me Ra Koh An Artisan with many passions.


When I met Me Ra Koh for the first time, it was at WPPI in 2010 and the one moment that I wanted to ask her a very simple question, I was turned away so she can devote more attention to one of the many women followers who she had inspired.   At the time I was a little put off by her action and felt belittled at the time.   But I shrugged it off and watch her from the side lines as she garnered the attention of prospective women photographers and provided them with the guidance to become successful in their new careers.   She has built a network of Certified CONFIDENCE Teachers and in addition she also spreads her teachings with teaching videos on the Disney Junior Channel.   But let’s not forget her time on National TV with The Nate Berkuc Show.

Then there is her authoring projects with her best seller “Your Baby in Pictures”.  Then in October of 2013, she followed up that book with “Your Child in Pictures”.  With exposure on National TV and her books on the New York Times best seller list, Me Ra Koh truly won the hearts of many mothers and given them the needed knowledge to capture those special moments in their families lives.

But then, we have “Adventure Family Show” where a family of 4 is taking the leap! As she was quoted to say “We’re leaving everything behind to circle the world and film ADVENTURE FAMILY with Me Ra Koh!”   A travel show that believes having kids doesn’t mean letting go of your dreams to travel, but offers the more thrilling experience of seeing the world through your family’s lens. We are locking our belongings in storage, putting our home on the market, and have bought one-way tickets to New Zealand. Just days from now (March 25th) we’ll be standing in the airport, cameras rolling, as we risk it all to film our pilot episode! As quoted from The Kick Started Web Site.

Today, I have more respect and admiration for Me Ra Koh, and maybe if we meet again, we can actually have a conversation.

To keep up with Me Ra Koh current activities go visit her Web and blog at

Me Ra Koh is a member of the SONY Artisan of Imagery.


~ by pthomaslambert on April 11, 2014.

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