A Great Book to learn photography and the SONY Alpha A7.


SONY Artisan of Imagery Brian Smith’s latest book is more than photos that tell a story, but a book will help you tell your story.   The book “Sony A7 / A7R From Snapshots to Great Shots” is truly a must have book on both your Apple IPad or Kindle and also a hard bound version as well.    Though the book might a bit technical in parts, with patients and careful reading, you will be able comprehend those parts and understand both the camera and the techniques using these cameras.     Brian is very thorough in many of his explanations and the stories behind many of his shots.

The book starts off by giving the reader an in depth overview of the features and capabilities of both the A7 and A7R cameras. Then he provides the reader an overview of the camera features by photographic style and provides many valuable tips from a more professional view of these cameras.    The book steps the reader through different shooting scenarios that covers many of the camera features, from auto and program modes to using these cameras in manual shooting mode.   Brian also shows you how to shoot in all of these modes and what to look for in your captured images. Brian provides you with clear lessons on composition and timing that is backed up with his own stunning photographic examples taken with the SONY A7R.

And like a great teacher, Brian also provides you with self-assignments in each chapter to help reinforce what he is trying to teach the reader. If you are new to photography and have invested into a SONY A7 or A7R, these self-assignments will definably take your photography to the next level and give you a better appreciation in the abilities of SONY Alpha A7 and A7R.

The book rounds out by discussing advanced techniques in manual mode, and covers the wide array of accessories plus the broad range of lens adapters from many of the third party companies that are available for the SONY A7 and A7R.   And for those photographers who have been using the SONY Alpha A7and or the Alpha A7R, you will find benefits mixed throughout the book.

SONY Artisan of Imagery Brian Smith’s book is available at most major books stands on in ebook format through most of your online book retailers.


~ by pthomaslambert on March 31, 2014.

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