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We sort of have been in hibernation while SONY reinvents their SLT Professional Camera.   A curious comment to make, but well qualified.   Since the release of the SONY Alpha a850, SONY has devoted their resources to developing and refining the SLT Camera.   Then SONY Releases the Alpha a77 SLT, a new camera with its 24 mega pixel APC sensor and new sleek body and the high def viewfinder.   SONY open the eyes to a few enthusiasts, and that was just only the start.   On the NEX Stage, SONY introduced the NEX 7 with the same sensor and viewfinder of the SONY Alpha a77.
Both cameras almost identical, but not.   Most, no all readers will tell me that the NEX 7 lacks the SLT mirror, thus making it a better camera.  Then there is the size issue.  The SONY Alpha a77 is a much larger camera compared to the NEX 7, but that is not the point of this article.

We have returned, and with the emergence the of the SONY Alpha a99, a new professional camera that SONY is poised to take on the other Full Frame Pro Cameras head to head.   Again many will say that I am bonkers and I personally have heard the comments.  But then ask your self this.  Why has it many more reputable professional photographers who have had long time allegiances with other Professional Brand cameras started to switch to the SONY Alpha a99.

Over then months to come, we will introduce many of the Professionals Photographers and show you how they are using these new cameras to take their profession to the next stage.

We also show you more than a camera capable of quality still photography but how to use the SONY Alpha and NEX cameras to produce stunning professional quality videos.

This is the start of an exciting new future for SONY Alpha Pro, so keep your eyes peeled on this site for more exciting news from SONY and the Professionals who use the SONY Alpha.




~ by pthomaslambert on December 28, 2012.

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