A Rap up of the the Events at WPPI 2011.

This year, SONY had a very respectable display and stage at the SONY Booth 421. Many of the SONY Artisans of Imagery included Nigel Barker, Brian Smith, Mathew Jordan Smith, David McLane, and MeRa Koh provided demos and talked about their individual technique and style of photography on a live stage at the SONY Booth.

Then who can forget that wonderful Las Vegas Burlesque dancer Miss Redd, who modeled for both Brian and Mathew during the week.

Also I need to give a special thanks to a special SONY person who works tirelessly in arranging these wonderful classes for the WPPI audience.    This special Person that I am talking about is Ms. Kayla Lindquist.

During the 4 days of this Professional Trade, four of the SONY Artisans of Imagery provided a 2 hour long classes on their specific area of expertise in the professional photographic community.   Two of the most well attend classes were those classes put on by Brian Smith and MeRa Koh.

The class attendees were enthusiastic and provided positive energy to the speakers.   In fact the Wednesday Morning class put on my MeRa Koh ended with a standing ovation.    There is no doubt, this years SONY Artisans of Imagery were a major hit at this years WPPI convention.



~ by pthomaslambert on February 23, 2011.

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