SONY’s Artsan of Imagery David McLane talks about Fusion of Still and Video Photography

SONY Artisan of Imagery David McLane showed the WPPI attendees a sampling of his most recent projects in both still and videos or as David puts it a fusion of still and video.  Talking to the small group, David talked in depth about his passion about shooting motion and the company he co-founded called MERGE, a boutique production company that combines timeless imagery and a fearless embrace of technology to create visual content for the web, broadcast, print and beyond.   Allot of the videos and images were from a recent project for a clothing chain call Horny Toad Active ware.

Image from Horny Toad Active Ware Web Site.

Allot of the video and images that David shot was with the use of a SONY Alpha NEX 5 and with stunning results.  David explained that the SONY NEX 5 was more than capable in shooting most of the video in this campaign.

David further explained that he sees the future of photography as a fusion of both video and stills and his company is positioned to take a lead in the new movement of imaging format.

To see more examples of this new direction of photography and video go visit Davids other venture called Merge.


~ by pthomaslambert on February 22, 2011.

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