Events: Coverage of SONY Events at WPPI 2011.

Oh my, have I put myself on a limb or what.   Time will tell and a lot will be happening the week that I attend this massive professional conference for professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers.    I will be providing my own view and take of events from Sunday to Thursday Morning.   I will be there to not only learn, but to enjoy myself during the course of the week.   This is an opportunity to meet and talk to many of the photographers that have influenced the direction of many of SONY Professional Cameras and get insight of the direction and course that SONY will be taking too bring professionals like me some of the finest tools for our trade.

I will also give some firsthand images from many of the SONY events as they happen during the course of the week.   So if you find yourself unable to attend, I hope to give you day by day coverage the and behind the back stage view of the week at WPPI 2011.

There will be a lot to cover, and because I will not have all of the press privileges that others will have, I can only give you a more of a attendee view of the weeks events.   We will see where this will take us.

So keep watching for more information of the WPPI 2011 and our coverage in the next few weeks.


~ by pthomaslambert on February 2, 2011.

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