Interesting: Meet the NEX Team

From the SONY web site in the Philippines,  SONY introduces the Team that Designed the new NEX Camera, and gives you some personal insight to how and why the NEX Camera has come to be.

This great article will give you a complete breakdown behind the design from the GUI to the all totally new Lenses and how directing NEX Camera System will take it beyond the future.

Go read and view about the revolutionary team behind this revolutionary camera: The NEX Team


~ by pthomaslambert on August 16, 2010.

One Response to “Interesting: Meet the NEX Team”

  1. Very Well done. Insightful, and seems well planed out. Two concerns is the size of the grip, and flash unit. As in the X-Box game, and other hand held devices, was the NEX camera’s developed for persons with small hands and fingers,and is why it is being released in those areas shown? Due to continued and or long use could cause cramping in the hands and fingers at the grip area. Secondly, will a flash unit be included or will it be an additional purchase? If not needed, what is the ISO level? As low light levels were not mentioned here. It was however, mentioned in the reviews by photography magazines on line but, they did not disclose how high the ISO level was for low light conditions, and or to the extent of.

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