Did I Mention: SONY Artisan of Imagery Andy Katz has been selected to be a member of the Induro Tier3

Induro Tier3

Induro Tier3 Induro’s Tier3 is an exclusive group of the world’s top professional photographers. Their reputations are as solid as the Induro support gear they use. Most are leaders and teachers in addition to being outstanding photographers, and their dedication to their craft in addition to passing along this knowledge earned them a seat in Induro’s Tier3. We are honored to feature the Tier3 here for you.

One thing they all have in common is their selection of Induro’s tripods, monopods and camera heads. Stability, passion, strength and getting the best value at the highest quality are what Induro has in common with the Tier3.

You may find them on a ridgeline at dawn, a 3,000 sq ft. studio, on the plains of Africa or the sidelines of professional sporting events. You will also find them at seminars, workshops and occasionally at Induro events around the world. Their passion for creativity in imagery is only surpassed by their outstanding achievements.

Visit our Tier3 gallery to learn more about each individual photographer including SONY Artisan of Imagery Andy Katz.   You can see examples of their work, and obtain information about their workshops, seminars, books, videos, and more. Make sure you visit their Web sites or check out their blogs and http://blog.indurogear.com/. We’re confident you’ll be as enthusiastic about our photographers as we are!

To see Tier3 profile on Andy Katz you can visit Tier3 here: http://indurogear.com/Tier3/profile-AndyKatz.asp


~ by pthomaslambert on June 7, 2010.

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