The EMail Bag.

Good Monday Morning,

I have been getting lot of praise for the start of this Blog and a lot of questions.  I would like to address several of these questions today.

  1. Will I release any advanced information on up-coming SONY Alpha releases?

No, Unless SONY Officially releases a formal Press Release, any information about the release of any new equipment from any other source other than SONY will not be published here.   I will not become another rumor mill.   So Unless SONY releases a formal announcement, you will not see it here.

  1. I loved your article about how to mount a pocket wizard to my SONY Alpha. I just purchased the SONY Flash adapter and new cyber sync.  I have the freedom to use my flash outdoors.   Do you plan on any more technical articles?

Yes, in fact I have been writing several over the past week, and hope to have one finished tonight to publish in the next several days.

  1. I heard that you will be writing articles on some of the professionals who currently use SONY alpha.  Is this true and when will we see the first posting?

Yes this is true, and this will take a little longer because I have to collaborate with the people for whom I am writing about to ensure, the articles are balanced, correct and true.  In certain cases I will have the subject write about them self’s.   Regardless, I want these fine photographers to be seen in the best light possible.  Keep checking the Blog for future announcements of articles about these noted Photographers.

  1. Are you going to have any Camera reviews on your blog?

I am working on that, but through sources that have firsthand experience with these cameras.   IE: SONY Alpha a850 and the SONY Alpha s550.   Again this takes time and communications and planning.

  1. Why don’t you have advertisements for SONY vendors?  I would like to know about other companies who sell to professionals and photographers who are just getting into the profession.

That was one of the best question that I have seen, and Yes I will profile future vendors in the blog.   But no, I do not sell space on my Blog to vendor.   I have an agreement with the Word Press people, this blog is not intended to be a revenue generator, or as long as I am getting this site for free, I cannot profit from it.

I have received many more questions, but these appear the most often in my emails.

Thank you all for reading this Blog.



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