The SONY Alpha Clock Project.

From time to time I have seen glimpses of this remarkable web site and today I want to share this site with my fellow professionals.   This remarkable project from 2009 truly shows the versatility of the SONY Alpha a900.

Throughout the world, there are numerous “World Heritage” locations selected by UNESCO – treasures, both natural and man made, that must be maintained for future generations to also enjoy. These locations include magnificent scenery formed naturally over innumerable decades, historical sites constructed in ancient eras, and other irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. There are so many locations across the globe in the World Heritage List that it would be very difficult to visit all of them in a single lifetime. The α CLOCK project, developed by Sony, is an attempt to photograph these World Heritage locations with Sony’s own Alpha DSLR camera and to share these recorded treasures with the world.
The three links that I am providing will give you information about the World Time Project development team, Photographers and Creators of the images of the World Time Captured by Alpha.   World Heritage Sites Captured with a Digital SLR and some of the technical aspects of the project.   Then the World Global Clock page it self.
This project should be a great inspiration for many of our scenic and travel photographers.  I know it has inspired me.

The World Capture by Alpha

Capturing the World Heritage Site with SONY Alpha a900

Interview with the α900 Development Team

I would like to thank SONY for the information that was provided.

“SONY” and “make.believe” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Copyright © 2009 Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.


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  1. i like this alpha clock. I’m fan of sony.

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