We made it through Week One.

Well the Blog has made it through the first week without too many bumps, but the SONY Alpha Pro blog is still a new born in the wilds of the internet.    There is allot yet to do, and much more to grow.  But one person who viewed the site did make a very good suggestion; have the readers be contributors, but not a forum.   There are enough forums that feature SONY Alpha cameras, we don’t need another.  She went further to say, “I would like to read about technical knowhow from the photographers them self like Brian Smith, Matthew Jordan Smith, Ted Adnan just to name a few known SONY Photographers”.    Well, I realized that she is right and so I am going to open a email address for submitting ideas and articles from readers on topics that you would be interested.

The address is :  sonyalphapro@lambertstyle.com

Please, do not send any advertisements of spam, I will have the spam blocker turned on.


~ by pthomaslambert on April 9, 2010.

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