The Start of Profile Thursday

Starting within next few weeks, I will be featuring on Thursdays what I will call Profile Thursdays.   This feature will profile a Professional Photographer that I have found to possess skills, talent, and technical ability that one looks for in a professional photographer.   But most importantly these photographers also show a love and passion for photography and a great admiration for the SONY Alpha camera.

Many of the photographers I hope to profile are nationally or internationally known in the field of photography and others are more locally known.   Many of these fine artists also travel to lecture or teach photography at many locations.   Many are Members of the SONY Artisans of Imagery.   And many yet have earned or achieved awards from SONY, Kodak, PP of A, SWPP, BPPA and other Fine Organizations world-wide.   Yet many of these photographers that I will Profile, are just getting started and looking to make a mark in the industry.   The photographers that you will see over the next few months are as diverse as the profession of photography is.    Many photographers specialize in weddings, portraiture and event photography.  Then we have Photo Journalists that cover Travel, World Conservation, Breaking News and Sports.  Other photographers that we have contacted work in the field of Commercial Photography and Advertising and other in Glamour and Fashion.   Many of our photographers have been published and many have not.   It is important to know that a large majority of professional photographers do not have press credentials or work for magazines, yet they are professional photographer all the same.

As part of being profiled, there is the benefit of being recognized and know by your fellow SONY Alpha professionals.   And by featuring you skills and specialty, we might want to learn some unknown skills of facts from your experiences.   Because the most important part of Profile Thursday, is knowing that there are other professionals who have mastered the skills of photography, and also mastered the use of the SONY Alpha DSLR.

Now for those who read this blog, and feel that they have the skills to be profiled here as well and aspire to one day venture in becoming a Full Time Professional Photographer, fear not.   We will love to talk to you and profile your work and skills.   And is you are a Full Time Professional Photographer user SONY’s Alpha Camera System, and would like to added to ever growing listing of SONY Professionals, please contact us.  You could someday be profiles as well.


~ by pthomaslambert on April 8, 2010.

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