Hello Alpha world!

This will be an attempt to showcase, Equipment, Photographers, Techniques, and Artists Work.  Most of what I will publish will be centered around professional photographers who use the SONY Alpha Camera or Photographers who  earn money with the use of the SONY Alpha Camera.

As SONY provides new information about the Alpha Camera and Lens, I will release them here as well.   Also other companies that offer, Lenses, Products and Services that benefit the SONY Alpha camera system will also be publish here when these companies release their product information.

If you are looking for rumors, then go somewhere else, I will not subscribe to publishing rumors or reliable source news.   And if SONY or for that mater anyone else privately share any information with me on future products, it will not be published without an official new or press release from that source.

I am only getting started, but if many of my connections play out, this should have a great outlet for working professionals, or those who are looking to become full time professional photographers with the use of SONY Alpha Cameras to obtain .


~ by pthomaslambert on April 2, 2010.

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